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Life goes on, and I continue to ignore this corner of the internet for the most part, but today I'll do something unusual and make a post. It's about t-shirts. Specifically, I decided to tally up all the shirts I've gotten from Threadless over the past six years or so, look at the designs, and ponder what they say about my taste. Other than the fact that I need to be separated from Threadless for my own good.

It turns out I've bought twenty-nine shirts over the years, or approximately five per year (of course, 2014 isn't over yet...). What's surprising (or not surprising, depending on your point of view, is how neatly they fall into certain categories.

2. Adopt a Dire Wolf
3. The Price We Pay
4. Mister Mittens' Big Adventure
5. A French Ninja Cat!
6. Cat Shirt
7. NWLC2: Meow or Never
8. Kit-Tee
9. The Greatest Spectacle Ever!
10. Cthulu Class 5 vs. Little Hero
11. Faceless Man
12. The City That Never Sleeps
13. Pulp
14. Revenge of the Sushi
15. Stick Figures in Peril
16. Octopus
17. Bye Bye Apocalypse
18. Trust No Mermaid
19. Queen of Dragons
20. Dragon Phylogeny
21. A Is for Jerks!
22. West Side Rumble
23. La Dolce Vita
24. City of Monster
25. Wander
26. Choose Your Own Adventure!
27. Prevailing Dragon Winds
28. Time Fades
29. Octopus on yo' Shirt

The top category, with five shirts (or six if you count #21), is cats: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 (and maybe #21).
Then there's tentacles, with five shirts: #10, #11, #13, #16, #29.
Also skulls, with four shirts: #9, #15, #17, #23.
And dragons, with three shirts: #19, #20, #27.
Finally, cityscapes, with two shirts: #12 and #24.

The takeaway from this is that I'm predictable, and I really need that plush kitten with tentacles.

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