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Dear Yuletide author...

☆ In general, I'm not too picky about fanfiction. I don't read it a lot, but when I do receive it I simply enjoy seeing another take on my favorite characters and pairings. Don't worry about making it too long; if the story only needs a thousand words or so to tell, then that's all it needs! I also don't mind unconventional formats, so long as you feel they showcase the characters and your writing well enough.

Request #1: Fate/stay night (Archer)
Archer is one of my favorite characters ever. The visual novel itself mostly covers all the dramatic angsty stuff with him that I love, so maybe something more hopeful or even a little domestic would be nice. Rin/Archer is my OTP, so if you want to include that I'm happy with it.

⚔ I say "maybe something more hopeful" here, but I'm really okay with just about anything that explores Archer's character. If you want to get an idea of how domesticity could work with him, you might want to try reading his scenes in Fate/hollow ataraxia--I'm forever fond of his kitten-rescuing escapades. Maybe something more to do with him and being tsundere about cats? Perhaps Rin finds out about that adventure? It's up to you. If you have a good idea for something darker, I'd be happy with that as well--especially if it mixes bleakness and hope.

Request #2: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Akane Kurashiki)
I always loved June's character in concept, but was disappointed by just how little we see of her real personality and thought processes in the games. I'd love to see something from her point of view--up to you if you want to include other characters.

♆ I had no particular interest in Akane as a character until we found out in the True Ending that she was the mastermind. After that, I was fascinated by the potential of her and more than a little frustrated that we saw so little of it. All I ask for this one is that it give me a good view of the inside of her head, since that's what I felt was missing from canon. If it helps, I've played both 999 and Virtue's Last Reward, so anything in that timeline is fine, so long as it focuses on Akane.

Request #3: Macross Frontier (Sheryl Nome)
Sheryl may be my favorite female character ever. I love her arc in the anime, and I would be happy to see some exploration of the resolution she gets to it--preferably not overly focused on her romantic relationship with Alto (I prefer Sheryl/Ranka and Sheryl/Ranka/Alto to Sheryl/Alto on its own).

♫ Sheryl Nome really mashes my buttons for female characters and issues I enjoy seeing explored. She's passionate and driven while also being lonely and in emotional pain deep down; she's smart and creative while also being a little strange and socially awkward in how she interacts with the world. Her characterization also is a key part of Macross Frontier's examination of what it means to be a performer and how the stage shapes people's identities. I'd love to see some exploration of these different facets of her character. It doesn't have to be too action-packed or dramatic, so long as it shows off her nature.

Request #4: Persona 3 (Mitsuru Kirijo, Yukari Takeba, and Aigis)
I'd love to see something about Mitsuru and Yukari's relationship--I ship them pretty hard, but it doesn't have to be romantic, of course. Alternately, I have a terrible soft spot for robot girls in general and Aigis in particular, so anything about her learning to understand humanity would be nice.

☽ I always felt that Mitsuru and Yukari's relationship was one of the most fascinating and under-appreciated parts of Persona 3. The way it highlights the apparently cold and intimidating Mitsuru's warmth and vulnerability while, in turn, showing off the more normal-seeming Yukari's emotional strength appeals to me. I'd be happy to see any kind of interactions between the two of them get explored, although if you want to make it romantic, I certainly wouldn't say no to that either. As for Aigis, if you choose to write about her, I confess to preferring her pre-December personality and character arc to her later behavior. It might be interesting to explore an AU where she has to learn how to be more human without the help of a conveniently-upgraded "humanity circuit" after she's repaired, but it is, of course, up to you.

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