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since when do I do tabletop

For this thing in this setting.

Theo Ivans, born Fyodor Ivanov in 1993 to immigrant parents hopeful that they could proudly bridge the cultural gap between the supposedly free and determined people of the American Alliance and the cultures that had been crushed underfoot by the Soviets. They changed his name and quietly abandoned that dream in favor of one about survival in 1995. Theo grew up, swore to himself that he would let neither the insecurities laid on him by his parents' thrown-away dreams nor the terrible state of the world stop him from being a good man who helped people and led an honest life.

He met his future wife, Layla, while she was training to follow in the footsteps of her parents, astrophysicists who had helped lead humans to space in the wake of disaster in the '90s. She was always the brains and the adventurer of the couple, but he cooked dinner really well for her, so that was all right. They got married and had a beautiful daughter, Sofia Jane (which was a compromise because Theo wasn't sure "Sofia" was sufficiently American, but "Jane" made it okay). While Layla did exciting science things, Theo finally put aside his more practical engineering career and started planning to open his own space restaurant. With the encouragement of his wife and young child, he refused to back down from his dreams even in a world where he would have to make his trademark salads from suspiciously-colored hydroponics-grown vegetables.

But this is the backstory for a horror game character, and three years ago, when Sofia Jane was six, she and Layla died in an an accident that was rumored to be Soviet sabotage of a life support system. There was no known proof, of course. But Theo still immediately decided to give up his restaurant dream and pledge himself to avenge his family in the name of the American Alliance. This didn't work out so well, since he was a much better cook than he was a soldier--he was a pretty sensitive soul who just wasn't cut out to be an avenging type. After a rather short and sad tour of duty in the lowest ranks of the military where his lack of either focused aggression or proper military self-discipline annoyed his would-be trainers and consistently got him shuffled to the least important tasks, he decided to quit in discouragement and seek his own vengeance. Out in the depths of space, resorting to his old engineering skills to take odd jobs for meaningless missions, he'd eventually become grimdark and gritty through such romantic training and the military would be glad to have him back.

Or the horrors would, anyway.

Physical skills
Strength: 4

Investigative skills
Perception: 5
Search: 4
Engineering: 5

Knowledge skills
Rumor: 4

Combat skills
Small Guns: 4
Improvised Combat: 4

Defensive skills
Toughness: 6
First Aid: 4

Leftover XP: 1